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Dorito-Shaped UFOs Spotted Over Britain

Dorito-Shaped UFOs Spotted Over Britain

Nov 22, 2010 – 5:35 PM
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Lee Speigel

Lee SpeigelContributor

(Nov. 22) -- Flying saucers are one thing, but flying snack chips? England appears to be the latest hot spot for UFOs shaped like triangles or, if you will, Doritos.

Several sightings of a chip-shaped object have occurred over the U.K. in the past few years, the Daily Mail reports.

The latest report emerged last week when a quality inspector, Munesh Mistry, witnessed a triangular object -- dubbed locally as the "Dudley Dorito" from the British town of Dudley -- in the sky near his Tipton, West Midlands, home.

Mistry said he and a friend saw "an amazing fast-moving and silent craft in the shape of a triangle made up of what appeared to be three lights fly across the sky at a mind-boggling speed."

This sighting took place two weeks after a huge, chip-shaped UFO was reported in the skies over Boldmere.

Triangular-shaped UFOs have been seen over different regions of the U.K. since 2007.

In August, the National Archives of England released UFO-related documents, including some that revealed how former Prime MinisterWinston Churchill reportedly covered up wartime accounts of UFO sightings because he feared they might create a panic among the population.

In 2008, when Britain's Ministry of Defense began releasing UFO files dating back 40 years, it indicated that many reports of unidentified objects had been initially kept secret while the government determined if enemy aircraft was the cause of the sightings.

"The Ministry of Defense has no other interest or role regarding UFO matters and does not consider questions regarding the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life forms," the ministry said in a 2008 statement.

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